Midi Water Boost system


The SHURflo Midi Water Boost System consists of a SHURflo 8005 Series electric pump coupled to a 7.5 litre Accumulator and associated brass fittings mounted on a formed ABS mounting base.

The system is capable of serving two high flow soft drink valves simultaneously while providing enough residual capacity for other back-room appliances.

The SHURflo Water Boost System can be wall or shelf mounted and is plumbed inline before all appliances. The pump increases city water pressure and flow to the accumulator.

The accumulator holds 3.7 litres of water under pressure with a tank pre-charge of 2.75 bar. Total capacity of the tank, air and liquid is 7.5 litres.

Brand: Shurflo
Part Number: 8095-942-349
Model: Midi Water Boost system

Accumulator Water Capacity 3.75 litres (at 2.75 bar)

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