Brix Pumps (3:1 - 9:1 ratio options)


The Brix pump is a proportioning device which pumps two liquids (e.g. water and concentrate) in an exact ratio. The particular ratio is determined by the pump design, and is thereby maintained precisely, independent of system flow or pressure changes, with no need to regularly re adjust brix at the dispensing valve.

The Brix pump operates on the incoming city mains water pressure, which then becomes part of the finished drink, eliminating the need for CO2 or electric power.

The Brix pump is ideally suited to premium juice applications, and incorporates a valve design suitable for use with syrups containing “stringy” pulp.

See attached pdf for pump options

Brand: Shurflo
Part Number: 94-260-xx
Model: Brix Pumps (3:1 - 9:1 ratio options)


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