Water testing and analysis

Pentair Foodservice is offering a water test that can help you determine the right way to tackle any issues you may have with your water. Our water test kit allows you to quickly test your water quality. Once you have conducted the test return to www.pentairfoodservice.eu to receive a free SMARTWORKS detailed water analysis that will compare your water quality to recommended water specifications.

Water can have a profound effect on foodservice operations, both with customer satisfaction and with equipment efficiency. Because water chemistry can vary greatly from one location to another, and because most contaminants are not visible, it’s important to know what’s hiding in your water.

For example, hard water can create scale in coffee brewers, espresso machines, ice makers and combi ovens, which increases energy usage and maintenance requirements.

Chlorine can affect the taste and odor of water and products made with water, and Chlorides can cause corrosion with stainless steel.

To help you better understand what’s in your water, Everpure has created a program known as SMARTWORKS. This program is designed to provide you with an easy method for testing and analyzing your water.

• An easy-to-use water test kit
• A custom water analysis
• Educational information about water and foodservice
• A custom product recommendation from Everpure

Once complete, you’ll know your water quality, and what you can do to ensure your water is ideal for your specific operation.